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Biblical Theology Workshop for Women with Nancy Guthrie

Ladies, We have been invited to join Northview Church in Abbotsford for a Biblical Theology Workshop for Women with Nancy Guthrie on Saturday Oct 29th from 9 AM to 3 PM!

Nancy is a well-known Bible teacher, author and podcast host. She teaches and writes for the Gospel Coalition, hosts a podcast called “Help Me Teach The Bible”, and has written a number of books on grief and on how to study the Bible.

Nancy describes it this way, “Over three sessions, we’ll review the key events of the Bible’s story and the major sections of the Bible. I’ll demonstrate telling the story of the Bible through the lens of one of its important themes. We’ll work together on tracing a few themes through the various sections of the Bible. Then we’ll look at the opening of each of the Gospels and discover how a growing understanding of major biblical themes adds to our understanding when we see those themes arise in specific passages of the Bible.” She promises that three sessions “will be energetic, interactive, and fun!”

Registration will open August 1st. Click the button below to register! 

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