Who are you doing life with?

Life Groups are one of the primary ways we connect and care for people at Main Street Church. Our Life Groups run from mid-September to June. Life Groups are small groups of 6-14 people that meet on a weekly basis to discuss Sunday’s messages, study the Bible, build encouraging relationships, and pray together.
They meet on various days, times & locations. 


*Please contact us to confirm which Life Groups have space available!

AULAKH Group: Matt & Victoria Aulakh Thursdays. 7pm. Rotating Homes. Young-Married (20s’).
BOGARD Group: Mark & Amy Bogard Thursdays. 7:30pm. Promontory. Married (30s-40s).
BRON Group: Joel & Brianna Bron Tuesdays. 7pm. Rotating Homes. Married (20s-30s).
CONNECT Group: Eryn Moore Wednesdays. 7pm. Church. Mixed & Drop-In.
ESAU Group: Barry & Donna Esau Tuesdays. 7pm. Rosedale. Mixed.
FRIDAY MEN’S Group: Darren Johnston Fridays. 8:30am. Promontory. Men.
FRIESEN Group: Denny & Sheila Thursdays. 7pm. Rosedale. Mixed.
FROESE Group: Glenn & Doris Froese Tuesdays. 7pm. Church. Mixed.
GODIN/JERVIS Group: Wade & Lenica Godin/Ben & Brianna Jervis Wednesdays. 7:30pm. Sardis. Married (30s).
GRISWOLD Group: Diane Griswold Thursdays. 10am. Church. Sr. Women.
HOOGENDOORN/RAYMOND Group: Brad & Char Hoogendoorn/Chad & Lauren Raymond Tuesdays. 7:30pm. Chilliwack/Agassiz. Mixed.
HOULDEN Group: Kurt Houlden Wednesdays. 7pm. ONLINE/ZOOM. Mixed.
JANZEN Group: Wayne & Charlene Janzen Tuesdays. 7:30pm. Sardis. Married (30s-40s).
MARY’S Group: Mary Putt Tuesdays. 7pm. Sardis. Sr. Women.

MONDAY MEN’S GROUP: Eryn Moore Mondays. 6:30am. Church. Men.
MOORE Group: Murray & Judy Moore Wednesdays. 7pm. Church. Mixed.
POTTER Group: Brook & Jordan Potter Wednesdays. 7pm. Rosedale. Married (20s-30s).
SATURDAY MEN’S GROUP: Murray Moore & Wayne Kurtz Saturdays. 7:45am. Church. Men.
SCHAEFER Group: Bob & Janine Schaefer Wednesdays. 7pm. Church. Mixed. (50+).
STARE Group: Suzanne & Jamie Stare Tuesdays. 7:30pm. Sardis. Mixed (30s).
STILES Group: Gregg & Donna Stiles Tuesdays. 7pm. Rotating Homes. Married (40s-50s).
STRUKOFF Group: Brad & Barb Strukoff Thursdays. 7pm. Sardis. Married (50+).
VANDEPOL Group: Michelle Vandepol Tuesdays. 7pm. Church. Women.
VANDOP Group: Shawn & Sonya Vandop Thursdays. 7pm. Sardis. Married (50+).
VERMEER Group: Anna-Mae Vermeer & Jennifer Dyck Tuesdays. 7pm. Church. Married (50+).
WALKER Group: John & Cheryl Walker Wednesdays. Church. 10:30am. Mixed.
YOUNG ADULTS Group: Dan Mack Thursdays. 7pm. Church. Mixed (18-25).

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