Welcome to Pray First 2023.
This month and year, we want to focus on loving the church as Jesus does. Over the next few weeks, we want to help you get a fresh vision, burden, and love for the local church. Maybe you don’t think much about her, but Jesus sure does. Jesus loves the church; He is building the church, and He has great plans and purposes for His church. The local church was His idea, and you are part of it.

So, take a few minutes each day to work through this 21-day devotional. Open your heart to what God wants to teach, show, correct, and lead you in.
And as you read and study, can I ask you to pray? Work through the questions and prayer points at the end of each daily devotional. Take time to fast and pray (you can find resources on fasting at the back of this devotional). Let’s ask God to do new work in our church and hearts so that we don’t miss out on all God has for us. Let’s be the answer God has commissioned to reach a dying world, rise up, and be the church that Jesus died for and loves deeply. So that on that final day, we will be a church without “spot or wrinkle” declaring the goodness and greatness of God.
Greater things are still to come,

Love in Christ,
Pastor Shawn

download this year's devotional below!



Make sure you book these Pray First Dates on your Calendar!

Wednesday morning drop-in prayer

Wednesdays – January 11, 18, 25 (6:30 - 9:00am)

Worship & prayer night

Sunday, January 29 – (6:00 -7:30 pm)


January 24-26 (Breakfast to Dinner)
  • This is a focused 3-day fast within the 21-day fast. We encourage all those who can join us in a 3-day food fast from January 23-25 where we will all focus together in our personal time praying for our church, families, community, personal prayer goals, and for a fresh experience of God in our lives. 


Make a list of any BIG personal prayer requests that you are fasting and praying for!


What kind of fasts are you going to do this month?

Food Fast(s)

Whether it be all food or certain kinds of food, food fasts are a good place to start!

Media Fast(s)

Media fasts include social media, TV, video games, and all other kinds of electronics!


There are many other kinds of fasts that you can do throughout these next few weeks!

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