The realities of urban life can make it a challenge to be connected meaningfully to our city.
Prayer walking is one tangible way to get to know & serve our community & neighbors.

• Roots us in the communities in which we live, work and socialize.
• Takes us out of the church “bubble” & places us into the world as a mission field.
• Gives us eyes to see & appreciate God’s beauty, grace, and glory in the city.
• Gives us hearts to ache for the city’s brokenness as we see socioeconomic problems
    up close and in context.
• Connects our plans to God’s purposes.
• Opens doors and hearts to the gospel.

• Neighborhoods into parishes;
• Believers into missionaries;
• Homes into ministry centers;
• Churches into the crossroads of kingdom renewal!

Keep it small – go in pairs or by yourself.
Be aware of Jesus’ presence with you. As you walk, try to see the city through Jesus’ eyes.
Pray as you walk, eyes open. Stop at landmarks.
If praying with a partner, pray out loud.
Pray audibly so they can pray along in spirit.
Pray brief prayers. Pass it back & forth.
Pray Christ-centered.
Pray Conversationally off each other’s prayers to focus on specific themes.

 Pray for:
• Critical needs: social, political, economic, spiritual.
• Critical crossroads & intersections.
• Cultural influencers: businesses, public services, schools, galleries, theatres, media, etc.
• Churches and Christians to be good neighbors who love & serve the city
• People: friends, neighbors, colleagues, workers, residents, passersby, major people groups.
• Peace and safety: protection against crime, conflict and unrest.

• Start with prayers of praise, remembering that Jesus is the present Lord of this place.
• Ask God to guide your prayers, and to give you the eyes to see what he sees.
• Confess fears, weaknesses, lack of concern for those “outside”.
• Ask God to give insight into his good plans for the city. Ask to fit into his plan.
• Ask for open doors & opportunities to love & serve the people of this community.
• Ask for courage to love as Jesus loves.
Pray for revival!

Talk with God and each other about what you saw and heard.
• What surprised you?
• What encouraged you?
• What made you uncomfortable?
• What did you struggle with?

1. What describes your relationship to the city?
caring < ------------------- > indifferent
active < -------------------- > idle
involved < ----------------- > detached
recognized < -------------- > anonymous

let us know!