missions partners

Main Street Church loves to partner with organizations all over the world who are doing great work as the hands and feet of Jesus.

seeds of hope children's ministry

Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry is committed to serve orphans and the less fortunate around the world who are infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.  They have projects in Thailand, Myanmar and Zambia.  

cyrus center

Cyrus Center works to provide services for homeless and at-risk youth in the communities all throughout the Fraser Valley and Fraser Canyon.  They offer things like, showers, laundry, meals, counselling, Bible study and emergency housing for young people suffering from homelessness, poverty and exploitation.  

pearl life renewal

 PEARL is a team of dedicated individuals and volunteers seeking the well-being of sexually exploited girls and women in Chilliwack.  They empower girls and women who are sexually exploited, trafficked and in prostitution, through support, education and Jesus’ love, to embrace hope and renewal.  
Skatelife is part of Young Life of Canada, a non-profit organization committed to reaching young people across Canada. We are a faith-based organization telling the story of Jesus in a fun and relevant way. Our desire is to present young people with an opportunity to experience the full life Jesus offers. We do this by sharing fun and relevant stories about Jesus, and by sharing our lives with our young friends through healthy, intentional relationships. Fraser Valley Skatelife runs seasonal clubs, BBQ events at skate parks, and summer camp. Jillian Snyder is the staff leader for FV Skatelife, and she works with a great team of volunteers who love Jesus and the skate community.
Exists to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.
ATCBC helps people overcome life-controlling issues through Jesus Christ, with 12-month residential programs and non-residential support groups.