Main Street Church supports the amazing work of missionaries
all over the globe.  Please pray for them by name, and ask that God give them resources, wisdom, patience and joy as they serve all over the world!

jaap & morina feenstra

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Jaap overseeing Bible Translation departments in South Asia providing churches and communities with the translations of the Bible in their own languages.  Morina works part-time handling personnel care issues of the team members that Jaap works with. She is also is involved with "Mother-tongue early childhood training". 

john & susan chalkias

Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry
John and Susan are the Founders and Executive directors of Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry. Their mission is to help orphans and the less fortunate around the world by sharing God’s love. They're specific calling is caring for children who are infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

dave & shannon doerksen

Grace Academy - Zambia
Dave and Shannon are involved in the work of Seeds  of Hope Children's Ministry.  Dave is in charge of all building and construction and leads a team of local carpenters, electricians, farmers etc, taking care of the day-to-day facilities operations.  Shannon works directly with the children of Grace Academy and with the various volunteer groups that come to Zambia to serve.

Matt Aulakh

Skate Life
Matt is a local/regional missionary to the Skateboarding community.  Matt is building relationships, disciplining leaders and sharing the gospel of Christ in a unique way through developing relationships with kids, leading small groups, bringing kids to skate camps and developing leaders.