JOY | because happiness is over-rated

Everyone’s on the pursuit of happiness. Some people look to their friends, some to their families to find it. Some devote themselves to work or chase adventures. Some cling to food, money, new clothes, or new gadgets to try to make them happy. But sometimes it feels like we can’t find happiness no matter where we look. Or we find it and then it disappears just as quickly. But what if God had something more in mind?

In this series we are going to study the book of Philippians and learn about choosing joy, no matter our circumstances. Let’s learn together what it looks like to be more than just happy.



We all love a good story. Stories inspire us and impact us. Each week hundreds of stories are told through those who come through the doors of Main Street Church. Here you will find stories of healing, of redemption, skepticism, doubt, wonder, – stories just like yours. At Main Street we welcome and invite all kinds of stories to be told and to intersect with God’s story – the most amazing story of all.

God’s story is one filled with new hope and second chances. It is a story of love, grace, guidance and direction. It is a story that changes people’s lives. We invite you take a look at some of the opportunities for you to connect your story with God’s story by browsing our website. Once you have got to know us why not take the next step and visit us in person.

So, whether you are single, married, single again, with or without children, no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done – we know that your story is significant and that God wants to play a part in it.

So we invite you to join us, come as you are and leave different.