We were made for worship. It is the first purpose of our lives. When Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was he replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength” Luke 10:27.

The Worship Ministry at Main Street Church exists to edify and encourage the congregation, through music, drama and a variety of digital media, to worship God with openness and honesty. Our goal is to create an environment where anyone can openly and freely worship the God of the universe and set the stage for the preaching of the Word of God with the ultimate goal of changing lives.

We are always looking for gifted and enthusiastic people to join our team! Here are the many ways you can get involved on the worship team;

Back of House roles

Sound Tech. – The Sound Tech runs the soundboard for rehearsals, Sunday morning services and other special events. If you are technically inclined (our new digital sound board, the GLD 80, is no more complicated than an ipad!) and your ear can distinguish a keyboard sound from a guitar sound, then Sound Tech might be the role for you!

Media Tech – The Media Tech runs the presentation software, called Pro Presenter, for Sunday services and other special events. If you can comfortably run a computer and can remained focused for an hour at a time, then this might be the role for you! If you are curious how Pro Presenter works, please click here to watch a short training video – myworship.ca

Video Tech – The Video Tech runs the recording software, the remote control cameras, the lighting software and the video switcher (the piece of equipment that allows us to switch between camera shots and the media computer display). If you have a creative eye, are technically inclined (if you understand how to use a DSLR camera then you’re in great shape) and can reasonable multi-task then Video Tech is a role you should look into.


Front of House roles

Vocal Team – The Vocal Team is a collection of people who love to sing and want to be a part of our rewarding and amazing ministry! There are 3 expectations that come with the Vocal Team;

  1. expect to sing all the time
  2. expect to sing the melody (harmonies are a luxury, not a requirement!)
  3. expect to be consistently challenged in the area of outward expression in worship.

If you have always wanted to be a part of the team, but were intimidated by a microphone or the idea of standing on stage ‘alone’, the Vocal Team is your place to be!

Worship Band – The worship band is the collection of musicians that form our bands on Sunday mornings, at Youth, in our Main Street Kids environments and other special services. We are always looking for drummers, guitar players (both electric and acoustic), bass players and keyboard players who have the gifts and passion to worship Jesus through their instrument.

The general expectation for volunteering on the worship team is that you would serve a minimum of once a month. This would potentially include an evening practice (approx. 2 hours) as well as whatever the requirement is for that particular service (Youth, Kids, Sunday morning services, Baptism services, Encounter God worship etc.).

If you would like to learn more about how you can join the Back of House Team, Vocal Team, Worship Band, the Youth Worship team or the Main Street Kids Worship team, please connect with Pastor Dean (dean@mainstreetchurch.ca) or attend our monthly Next Steps night.

To view articles on worship, serving, tips on worship leading, video tutorials and a whole lot of other great resources, please visit our website, www.myworship.ca.

If you are interested in the songs we sing on a Sunday morning, please click here – Sunday Setlists