Break Away | Grade 5-6

Break Away is a Sunday morning program run in the chapel for grades 5 & 6. Break Away builds on the fundamentals taught in the Main Street Kids program. 

For more info feel free to contact Carley.

One Way | Grade 6-8

One Way Jr High is a great place for students, grades 6-8 to come meet with God and make lots of friends. We play games and teachings from the Bible, aimed for the specific age group.

We exist to help students understand and wrestle with questions they may have with God and what He has for them and we have a fun time doing it.

So if you have a Jr High who is in grades 6-8 we would love to have them come out Wednesday nights from 7pm-9pm in the Main Street Chapel

For more information contact Carley.

Student Ministries Grades 5-8 Director | 

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Mainstreet Youth | Grade 8-12

High School Youth Ministry! We exist to help students connect personally with God and each other. Our High school Ministry meets Tuesday nights from 7-9pm in the Chapel.

Whether it’s through worship and the word, SERVE nights or home groups we do our best to develop a real relationships  between  the students and God.

For more information contact Brock.

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